Our team


Amélie Gagnon

architectural designer

President of Plans É-Pur


Alyson Pellerin

architectural designer

Vice-president of Plans É-Pur


Amélie Gagnon, President of Plans É-Pur

During her studies in interior design, Amélie discovered a passion for residential architecture and she felt the need to continue her studies in architecture at the university to learn more. During her university career, she became very interested in entrepreneurship and that is when Plans É-Pur was born.

This vocation allows her to combine her love for nature and architecture on a daily basis. Amélie is distinguished by her creativity, her ability to adapt and her desire to provide full satisfaction to her clients.

Alyson Pellerin, Vice-president of Plans É-Pur

Alyson is vice-president and co-founder of Plans É-Pur. Coming from a family of builders, architecture has been a part of his life from a young age. She directed her studies in architecture at Laval University and wanted to specialize in construction and residential renovation with her company. She completed a certificate in green building design which allows her to combine her passion for nature with architecture.

With her background, Alyson knows how to design unique homes focused both on the well-being of its occupants, but also that of the planet. She is recognized for her spirit of collaboration, her listening skills and her solution-oriented approach.

What is É-Pur x Drummond House Plans?

Why not join forces? A phrase that resonated in our heads and that makes sense now. É-Pur x Drummond House Plans is the result of a union between two companies, one of which specializes in ecological houses and the other is the reference in the field of residential plans in Quebec.

The objective of this collaboration is to promote awareness of the potential of ecological houses and to make them accessible to everyone. Contrary to the false beliefs that circulate on this subject, an ecological house is not only economical, but it provides considerable well-being to those who live in it. With simple little gestures, it is possible to make a big difference!

Our conception in the Drummond House Plans collection

House Plans services offered by É-Pur x Drummond House Plans

Drummond House Plans's Green House

Do you want to experience considerable well-being in your home while being respectful of nature? Visit our collection of green and accessible homes.

Ecological custom house plans

Whether you want to modify an existing plan from the Drummond House Plans's collection to make it eco-friendly, or you want a completely personalized house plan, we will work together to design the perfect house for you. We will adapt the level of ecological elements to meet your desires and your budget.

Renovation house plans & home expansion plans

If you wish to carry out renovations and/or an extension of your current home, we will be happy to assist you in this process. Whether it is in the recovery of existing elements or in the choice of healthy and sustainable materials, we will transform your home to suit your needs while minimizing the impact on the environment.