Share your Drummond House Plans photographs with us

Are you proud of your completed Drummond house plan or your Drummond renovation plan and would like to share exterior (and interior if you so desire) photos of the results? Just take a few snapshots and send them to us via the form below or by email at

If your photos are selected, we can post them on our websites with your authorisation, and for some, a professional photographer could be commissioned (paid by Drummond House Plans) if we want to use professional photos of your home in magazines or other media.

To make sure you submit top quality photos, here are some simple recommendations:

  • Set your digital camera to the highest resolution (photo quality).
  • Make sure to remove anything that could affect the photo or hide the house (car in the yard, garbage cans, bicycles, etc.).
  • Take pictures when the sun is on the front of the house and ideally when the sky is slightly cloudy to reduce shading.
  • Take your home from different angles, shooting can be surprising, and pay attention to the electric wire so that they are not dominating on your photos.

We thank you in advance!


To add a photo or photos to your plan renovation request, please click and drag your files into the box below. You can add up to eight (8) JPG or JPEG photos to your request. At least one photo is required to send your renovation form.

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