Digital media advertising options

Drummond House Plans is one of the architectural business websites that attracts the most visitors; in fact, over 1.5 million people visit annually. These are visitors who have one goal: a construction or renovation project in the coming year. How would you like 1.5 million opportunities to increase your sales?

#Banner ads

Thanks to geolocation technology and our impression control systems, we have the ability to offer you advertising banners that will reach the clients you want, specific to your marketing strategies and targeted cities.

We can offer you banners that:

  • Will be seen in the territory you want to serve.
  • Will be viewed on the number of occassions you desire.
  • Will be seen according to the schedule and the period you want.

Whatever your strategy, you just have to contact us and we will be happy to design a program of banner ads according to your requirements.

Packages and prices available upon request, contact our representative.

Advertising on Drummond House Plans homepage
Advertising on Drummond House Plans search result page

#Builder listing

Are you a construction and/or renovation contractor who would like to be seen by the 1.5 million visitors to Drummond House Plans?

We have a section dedicated to our clients who are looking for builders to carry out their project. Our Builder listing is your unique and inexpensive way to offer your services to our customers!


Would you like to get in touch with our builder clients?

We can help you! Drummond House Plans has a select clientele of contractors and we are in frequent contact with them via:

  • email updates
  • Newsletters
  • public-postings when necessary

Simply contact us for more information and we can put together a tailor-made proposal for you.

#product targeting

Reach potential target customers with target marketing by product type

Drummond House Plans gives you the opportunity to better target your ads based on the type of product or service you offer. It is actually possible for you to carry out a precisely targeted ad according to:

We can build you a personalized program according to your criterion! Simply contact us and we will develop it with you.


Drummond House Plans clients subscribe to our newsletter to discover the latest developments in the field of new home construction and residential renovation. These clients have chosen to subscribe to discover our new models and the latest news in our industry.

If your marketing strategy is to advertise your brand or if you want to promote a new product, our newsletter is ideal for you.

We can:

  • Add your company logo with hyperlinks.
  • Add a hyperlink to a specific page of your website.
  • Talk about your new product in our newsletter!

Do not hesitate to contact us to develop something uniquely for you!