Our house plans in AutoCAD format, with dimensions

A house plan in AutoCAD electronic format, with dimensions, is a digital version that allows you to make several copies of the plan and /or make modifications. Purchasing this version entitles you to make up to fifteen (15) copies of your plan (as-is or modified) at no additional licencing fee, at a plan reproduction center in your area (you will receive a licence for this purpose).

The print size of your plans will be 18" x 24" or 24" x 36", depending on the initial format used by our designers, which is normally based on the size of the house, multi-house unit, cottage or garage chosen. The AutoCAD plan will be sent to you by email thus saving you any shipping costs.

Autocad format

As with any version of our collections, the purchase of an AutoCAD electronic plan entitles you to build one (1) house for yourself. Although the AutoCAD electronic version allows you to make adjustments or modifications to your plan, it is recommended that your modifications be made by a Drummond House Plans professional technologist. Consult one of our 26 regional offices for more information on changing plans, or visit the modification service section on this site.

At no time will Drummond House Plans be held responsible for any changes to its plans, if these changes are not made by a Drummond House Plans professional technologist.

To obtain a multiple-build licence of a single plan, please contact us.