How many sets of blueprints do I need?

You wonder how many sets of plans (or blueprints) you will need in order to satisfy everyone? Here’s the answer: you will need several copies of your plan for the various following stakeholders on your construction:

  • Your contractor (1 to 2 copies)
  • Financial institution (1 copy)
  • Municipality for building permit (1 copy)
  • Electrician, Plumber, Ventilation, Security (2-4 copies)
  • Designer, decorator and others (if needed)
  • Yourself for future reference (1 to 2 copies)

The "5 and 8 copies" packages will provide you with 5 or 8 identical copies of the chosen plan, so that everyone on your site can refer to it for submission and during the execution of the work. By initially ordering a sufficient number of copies, you will avoid additional copy fees ($25/copy) as well as shipping costs. Unless you have obtained a licence to this effect, please note that it is forbidden to reproduce your Drummond House plan in whole or in part, in digital or paper format. To obtain additional copies of your plan you must contact us within 6 months of your purchase. Our plans are not exchangeable or refundable and are protected by copyright law.

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