Construction standards

All Drummond House Plans collections follow the same construction standards listed below. This also applies to the plans designed in our 26 regional offices whether they be custom plans or renovation plans (depending on the renovation).

Our house plans conform to the standards as listed below:

  • Poured concrete foundations w/3" rigid insulation
  • Standard joists or engineered floor framing
  • 2" x 6" insulated exterior walls
  • Prefabricated engineered trusses w/insulation
  • Structural elements included (beams, lintels, posts)

Our plans specify the following Insulation types:

  • Foundation: 3" rigid insulation installed on the interior
  • Exterior Walls: 6" batt insulation + 1" rigid insulation (total R = 25)
  • Roof (house): 12" batt insulation (R40) or blown insulation (+/-10")
  • Roof (garage): 12" batt insulation (R40) or blown insulation (+/-10")

Other important technical information you need to know: