5 steps to get your home renovation design in one of our 26 regional design offices

Following are the 5 steps to get your home renovation design in one of our 26 regional design offices. Do you have a renovation project (house, cottage, multi-unit, garage) in mind and would like to meet one of the Drummond House Plans residential design specialists? Please review carefully the 5 steps below.


As a first step, we suggest that you verify your financing available from your financial institution, and verify the following details with the planning department of your municipality:

  • Categories of eligible buildings in your area.
  • Authorized setbacks (front, back, side, building height).
  • Cladding/facing allowed on the facade and on other elevations.


Make an appointment with a Drummond House Plans designer who can meet you at one of our 26 regional offices closest to you, or even at your home if necessary. Travel expenses are normally required for home meetings.

  • For this first meeting, lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour, you will need to bring photos of your house and any other useful documentation to explain the project to our designer (original plan, sketches, magazine photos, site plan, etc.) In addition, a completed copy of the following form will help make the meeting the most efficient.
  • At this stage, we will identify your needs and objectives of your renovation project and discuss possible solutions and possibly alternatives to meet those needs.
  • We will discuss your desired architectural style
  • We will also make a preliminary assessment of whether your project is achievable within your budget.
  • We will also evaluate together how far you want to be advised in the design of your project or if you have a clear idea of the renovation you wish to achieve. In any case, our designers will be able to guide you effectively to make your project a success that will meet your tastes.
  • At this first meeting, we will also explain the fees and required meetings related to the creation of your construction plan to ensure a professional relationship without surprises and respecting your budget. In addition, various additional services may be requested to be added to the design of your renovation plan, such as the list of materials, the electrical plan, the construction specifications, an estimate of construction costs or site visits. You will be able to let us know which additional design services interest you.
  • The time required to design your project and the associated cost depend greatly on the accuracy of information you provide and the choices you have already made.


Within 48 hours (2 business days) of our meeting with you, or other arrangement, a FREE written estimate detailing our service offer and initial delivery times will be provided to you for approval. The delivery time of a renovation plan can vary from a few days to a few weeks depending on the time of year, and could be readjusted along the way, depending on the time required for your reflection and the number of revisions required following the receipt of your preliminary plans.


Following the approval of our estimate (STEP 3) as well as acceptance of the delivery timelines of your final plan, sketches can be made for you to ensure that we have the same vision of your project as you do.

  • We will then proceed with the production of the preliminary plan which may include, among other things, floor plans and elevations of the 4 sides of the house, or any other information relevant to your project.
  • We will then follow up by emailing or handing over your preliminary plan to ensure that all details are in line with your expectations. If you wish and we have provided for by agreement, different design options can be presented to you.
  • At this stage we will make corrections as needed until the entire plan is perfect for you. One to three discussions or meetings are usually enough to allow you to approve the final project.
  • It is always possible to add various additional services to your plan such as the list of materials, the electrical plan, engineering services.
  • At this stage it is also best to get quotes from one or more construction contractors.


Once the preliminary plan has been accepted, we will produce the detailed technical plan that will be used for construction. We print the number of copies (usually 5 or 8 as agreed to in our service offer) that you will need for construction, then your plan will be delivered to you personally. It is also possible to get your plan in large or small PDF format. Please inquire as to the fee for this service if not included in our original service offer.

You now have all the information you need to meet the contractor of your choice and get quotes for your renovation work. The Drummond House Plans design team will also be available to answer your questions or those of your contractor before or during the work.

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