Need help finding your dream house plan, cottage plan or garage plan?

Here are a number of different strategies to help you quickly find the house, cottage, garage or multi-unit plan that matches your desired features and your budget.


On our home page, discover 4 options to assist you in finding your dream home or cottage.

OPTION 1 - In the upper right corner you will find the search box. Enter the number of the plan if you already know it, then click on the magnifying glass.

OPTION 2 - Complete the search criterion in the black bar at the top of the home page and then click on "Search".

Quick search

OPTION 3 - Go down slightly on the home page and find the section "New house plans". Click on the link "Find your plan" and you will immediately be directed to our complete collection of plans. You can then use the filters in the left column to narrow your search to plans that meet your criterion of space, style and budget.

OPTION 4 - Also on the home page, towards the middle/bottom of the page, discover our 4 star collections. Click on the desired collection to discover all the plans within that theme.

View all collections


For a precise search, you can click on "More options" at the top of the home page, on the right, in the black section. You will immediately be directed to a list of all of our plans. You can then use the filters in the left column to narrow your search to plans that correspond with your criterion in terms of space and budget.

In the MENU of the site (Blue button on top left) you can click on the type of plan you are looking for or select one of our thematic collections (as by price, by number of floors, number of bedrooms, etc.).

On our homepage, you will also notice a blue button "See all collections" located after the 4 collections presented. Click on this button, to be forwarded to all the collections, to which you can also apply filters from the left column to refine your search.