Advertising licence for our plans

Would you like to advertise your business or your development project using our home illustrations? With pleasure!

3 Steps to legally advertise your project using our home illustrations:

  • Identify the model or models that you prefer.
  • Click on the following link to contact us so that we can provide you with the necessary files.
  • We will deliver these files in an appropriate format to your supplier or to you personally.

Costs and terms for advertising & marketing licences:

To advertise with one of our models, you must acquire an advertising licence through our head office. The cost of this licence is $100 per model for a period of 2 years, renewable if necessary.

The licence fee is 100% refundable upon the purchase of any of our builder plan package options within 12 months of the purchase of the licence.

Legal conditions: if you wish to use the Drummond House Plans images, you must absolutely:

  • Obtain a licence from Drummond House Plans in advance.
  • Always use the Drummond House Plans logo with the words "All rights reserved".
  • Use the image as is with no modifications. If you do want to make changes, just contact our team and we will work on the project for you.
  • Order your plans at Drummond House Plans if a customer wishes to build with a specific model, even if the customer requests plan modifications.

It is illegal and punishable to:

  • Use Drummond House Plans images without permission (Advertising licence) from us.
  • Use Drummond House Plans images without our logo and "all rights reserved".
  • Use the Drummond House Plans images once the 2 year licence term has expired and has not been renewed.
Drummond House Plans - All Rights Reserved

Drummond House Plans reserves the right to withdraw any licence from a purchaser who does not respect all of these legal conditions, without refund from us.

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